sexta-feira, 7 de junho de 2013

Projetor PowerLite Home Cinema 750HD

HD Home Theater Experience.
Get ready for a standing ovation from family and friends when you share
brilliant 2D and 3D entertainment using the Home Cinema 750HD projector.
Transform the game room, garage or even your backyard into an incredible
big-screen experience — all at an affordable price. 3000 lumens of color brightness
and 3000 lumens of white brightness1 and 720p resolution ensure images are bright,
sharp and clear. Quick and easy HDMI connectivity lets you jump into the middle of
any 2D or 3D adventure, from movies to live sporting events and even video games.
Get the total package with rechargeable RF 3D glasses and an internal speaker — all included,
so you're ready for larger-than-life, immersive, 3D adventures — anytime.
Epson’s exclusive 3LCD technology delivers rich, vivid images up to
300 inches — perfect for projecting on a blank wall or portable screen.

R$ 4.000,00

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